Revision history: Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence Clearinghouse

Only revisions deemed notable or significant by the editor are listed. Minor revisions and corrections occur almost daily throughout the section.

26 June 2008

Added Alice Dreger's attacks on critics of J. Michael Bailey

14 August 2007

Added Alice Dreger article and timeline of her personal feud with me

19 April 2007

Added Kiira Triea article

12 February 2006

Added link to Autogynephilia Redux: A Memoir - The Trans-woman Who Is Me

15 October 2005

Added Gay, Straight or Bailey.

24 August 2005

Added links to Bailey's male bisexuals are liars research throughout section.

14 May 2005

Added update about Bailey's homosexual eugenics paper defense and no-show by co-author Aaron Greenberg.

Added more blasting of Bailey by Eli Coleman.

17 April 2005

Added Johns Hopkins information

31 January 2005

On the science of bonerism and the identity politics of "single heterosexual men"

19 December 2004

Added information on Bailey's resignation as Psychology Department Chair and that Northwestern's secret unspecified action based on their investigation.
14 November 2004
Added link to timeline of events at the J. Michael Bailey investigation compiled by Professor Lynn Conway.
14 November 2004
Updated page on Simon LeVay.

09 November 2004

Added link to anti-gay hit piece by John Stossel of ABC's 20/20, featuring J. Michael Bailey, days before the US elections.

18 October 2004

Added "autogynephilia" and disability , a reader comment on A defining moment.

17 October 2004

Revised Bailey's responses to critics to include link to a corroborating article by Lynn Conway.

19 September 2004

Added The silent treatment continues at the National Academies by Lynn Conway.

09 September 2004

Added A defining moment in our history: examining disease models of gender identity

13 July 2004

Added scientific criticism page.

11 July 2004

Added Neil Whitehead page.

Revised Daniel Linzer page.

20 May 2004

Revised "autogynephilia" page.

16 May 2004

Revised Kurt Freund page.

Added page on plethysmograph.

3 May 2004

Noted that Anne Lawrence has removed original "Men Trapped in Men's Bodies" pro-"autogynephilia" essay.

Expanded "autogynephilia" page.

Revised APA Division 44 page.

6 April 2004

Switched from "emergency mode" on Bailey damage control to theoretical issues.

Began reorganization and extensive crosslinking within section.