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Transgender issues

Transgender people have hard lives in some parts of the world. We use politics to change the minds of people, so they will be fair to us.

Some people do not know much about trans people. There are many reasons for this:

  • Many people are not taught about transgender people and all the great things we have done.
  • Many trans people do not tell others they are transgender. That is because some people will not be fair to them if they know. Some people might even hurt or kill a transgender person if they know that person is transgender. That is how much some people do not like us.

Some people do not like trans people. This is called transphobia (fear or hate of trans people). This can range from mild transphobia to very strong transphobia.

  • Some people make fun of trans people because we look or act in a way they do not like.
  • Some people heard or read things about transgender people that are not true or are not fair. That makes them scared of us.
  • Some people worry about what might happen if more people liked transgender people.
  • Some people saw or heard about a trans person who did something bad. That made them not like any of us, because they think we all do bad things.
  • Some people make it hard for us to find a job, a place to live, or help getting healthcare.

Some of the people who are not fair to transgender people have a lot of power.

  • Some say and write things in the media that are wrong or not fair to us.
  • Some teach things that are wrong or not fair about us at churches and schools.
  • Some make laws and rules that are not fair to us.

Below are some of the main areas about transgender politics: