It has been one of my great life projects to put this suite of websites together so that young people will have a better sense of the transition options available.

I am able to continue answering all messages I get because readers like you search the site carefully before writing.

I can’t answer questions about the following:

  • Local referrals to doctors, therapists, groups, electrologists, etc.
  • Local contacts for friendship or romance
  • Hormones and effects
  • What it “feels like” to be a woman
  • Personal questions
  • Legal issues, especially divorce/custody and local transgender ordinances
  • Insurance questions

I will do my best to answer questions:

  • From those under 25
  • About hair removal
  • About facial feminization surgery
  • About financing transition and setting realistic goals
  • About work transition and employment

I will also respond to all suggestions, praise and constructive criticism. Don’t be shy in sending these along!


1. Use a brief but specific subject line (not “Hi” or “Question”).

2. Be as specific as possible. The more vague your question, the longer it will take for me to answer.

3. If you are 13 or over, you may email me at: Please note that I cannot answer questions from people ages 12 and under. If you are that age, please have your parents contact me instead.

4. Be patient! I get a lot of messages and answer them all, so it might be a while.

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