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Transgender money information

Money is a big issue for most transgender people. Below are some ways to make the most of your money.

How to pay for gender transition

  • Transition can cost a lot. This section shows how to change how you think about money. That will help you pay for transition.

Insurance for transgender people

  • In the past, most insurance did not cover transgender health. That has changed a lot. Some policies still do not cover transgender health. You must read your own policy to find out.

Transgender work

  • In this part:
    • How to get a job that pays for transgender healthcare.
    • How to come out at work.
    • How to keep your job during and after a gender transition.

Disclaimer: This is financial talk, not financial advice. Some of this may not apply to you. It is presented without warranty. It may contain errors or omissions. You must do your own research.