How to pay for gender transition

You can spend no money on transition. Just start being yourself.

You can also spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on transition.

Most of us are somewhere in between. 

A great money expert named Barbara O’Neill said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

Now, let’s find out where you’re going.

This section is written for adults. I also have a section on money for young people.

Note: The PDF version is not available at this time. The information was out of date.

What you will need

A spreadsheet option

A way to make notes when not home

  • Many people use their budgeting or spreadsheet app.
  • Some people prefer a paper ledger book. Any size notebook will work.

About excuses

I hate excuses. We use excuses to justify failure. This is the worst excuse I hear from people trying to save money for a gender transition:

“By the time I pay for everything else, I have no money left to save.”

This person means that money for transition is last on their list. There is only one way to fix that:

Change your list.

You will have to change how you think about money and how you use it. This also works for any other thing you want to own or do. So, no excuses from now on. Only plans and action!

Please do the steps in the order below.


Disclaimer: This is financial talk, not financial advice. Some of this may not apply to you. It is presented without warranty. It may contain errors or omissions. You must do your own research.