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Social gender transition for youth

If you want to change things about your gender, you have three kinds of ways:

  • Social (how you look and act around others)
  • Legal (using the law to change things)
  • Medical (using doctors and others to change things)

This part talks about the social ways. This is the biggest part of it.

Each of us has a gender role based on how people see us. It’s like a role in a play. Boys act this way, and girls act that way. But some of us don’t like those roles. You may want to look and act differently. Well, guess what? You can!

Here are some of the fun social ways you can change things:

  • Your name
  • Your hairstyle
  • Your clothes
  • Your face and body
  • Your handwriting

Some things are not as fun, but you need to think hard about them.