Transgender-friendly clothing retailers

Want to look stylish and support transgender clothing and accessory companies that support trans people? Check out the retailers below!

General suggestions

Vintage stores

  • These are often small stores, usually curated by the owner.

Thrift stores

  • Second-hand stores tend to have a lot of inexpensive stuff. You may find something great if you take the time. Note that some may be affiliated with a religious organization that is not trans-friendly.

Consignment shops

  • These are basically fancy second-hand stores. People bring in old clothes to sell on consignment, where they get a cut if someone buys their item. Good for higher end fashions.

T-shirts and casual clothes

Revel and Riot (

  • T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, accessories

dfrntpigeon (

  • T-shirts, tanks, bodysuits, streetwear, accessories

Etsy shops (

Mi Vida (

  • Latina-focused tees and accessories

Trans Is Beautiful ( [offline as of 2021]

Tegan and Sara Foundation (

Thugz Maison (

“Feminine” focused

Otherwild (

  • Tops, bottoms, outerwear, swimwear, tees, undergarments, accessories

Softfemme ( [offline as of 2021]

  • Tees and totes

Archie Bongiovanni (

  • Tees, tanks, sweatshirts

En Femme Style (

  • Clothes, foundation garments, wigs, accessories

“Masculine” focused

Kirrin Finch (

  • Dress shirts, blazers, shoes, accessories

Wildfang (

  • Blazers, button-up shirts, pants, outerwear

gc2b (

  • Binders

Peau De Loup (

  • Shirts, sweaters, tees, jackets, coats, ties

HauteButch (

Gender-neutral focused

TomboyX (

  • Underwear and loungewear

The Phluid Project (

  • Tees, hoodies, shoes, denim, accessories