Transgender websites

Most privately owned websites about transition last about 5 years. This lists recently updated sites. These dormant and offline sites have important information, some of which may be out of date. See the advocacy groups page for additional resources.

General information

Transgender Care Listings (

  • Healthcare professional database.

Trans-Health (

  • Trans-Health was acquired and re-launched in 2011 to preserve this important resource.

Healthline (

Trans Healthcare (

  • Surgeon database.

T-Vox (

  • Information and resources.


See also the Transfeminine section.

Susan’s Place (

  • Resources, forum, and wiki focusing on trans women.

TransPulse (

  • Formerly Laura’s Playground.

TG Forum (

  • Since 1995. Good curated news section.

Transgender Life (

  • Resources maintained by Brianna Austin.


See also the Transmasculine section.

FTM Magazine (

  • Resources and news.

Hudson’s FTM Guide (

  • One of the original comprehensive sites.

International sites

Transgender Europe (

European Parliament Intergroup on LGBTI Rights (

ILGA Europe (