Attraction to transgender people

Being attracted to transgender people is very common. In fact, many people are aware of transgender issues because they have seen trans performers in sexually explicit media or other forms of sex work.

How common is it?

In 2021, commercial website Pornhub named Transgender as their #7 search that defined the year:

Searches containing “trans” increased by 141% and views by the Transgender category increased by 23% making it the 10th most watched by male visitors.

Source: Pornhub 2021 Year in Review

Popular trans performers

There are thousands of lovely and talented trans porn stars, cammers, and escorts. Below are some stars who have won major industry awards and appeared on more than one recent list of top performers.

Historic trans performers

  • Anna Alexandre (died 2007)
  • Patrícia Araújo (1982–2019)
  • Kim Christy (born 1950)
  • Brittany CoxXx (1978–2016)
  • Cassandra Del Rio
  • Karen Dior (1967–2004)
  • Kimberly Devine (1976–2016)
  • Dana Douglas
  • Morrelle De Keigh / Morelle DeKeigh
  • Leilani [Deann Rochelle Gandeza] (1996–1993)
  • Miriam Rivera (1981–2019)
  • Jill Munroe/Jill Monro (died 1982)
  • Vicki Richter (born 1977) ( [archive]
  • Shannon
  • Stasha (1969–1993)
  • Sulka (born 1962)
  • Surama Valencia (died 2006)
  • Lana Wood

Stigma and shame

Some people feel shame for being attracted to transgender people. They worry what people would think about them if they knew. Some worry that liking transgender people means they are gay, but they don’t think of themselves as gay.

Sex researchers have been some of the worst people for making attraction to trans people sound like a disease. Some people in the media have been creepy and weird about reporting on relationships with transgender people, too. These bigots have caused a lot of problems for trans people and those who love us. But that is changing fast!

Your sexual interests are nobody else’s business. It is fine to keep them private if you want, but there is no reason to be ashamed!


The sites below are either trans-owned or specialize in transgender erotica.

Note: links have adult content.

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