Transgender forums

Never send or post anything you would not want printed and put up at work or school.

Many people have found help, friends and good advice online. Some have also been outed or attacked by those they met online.

Think of forums like strangers in a park. You shouldn’t give strangers any of the following:

  • Birth name
  • Chosen name
  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • City or State
  • Employer, school, church
  • Friends’ names
  • Social security, financial information, or credit card numbers
  • Hobbies or activities which might identify you
  • Name of therapist, support group, clubs you go to, etc.

“Private” communication

Anything you send to someone else is no longer private. People will share your private messages, private posts, and comments from private lists.

This is most true about “private” photos.

Forums don’t always have the right information. Many members may be just starting out. Some may not know much, even if they act like they know a lot.

Some troubled people post to forums. Some will try to find out who you are and where you live. Some can find out through clues you leave.

Read forums for a while before posting. Your question may already be answered.

If you decide to post

Some platforms let you create a username. You may want to choose one that does not have personal information. Instead of your own name, use a different name you like.

If someone says mean thing about you, try to ignore them. They want you to respond. Tell the moderators. If you do respond, be nice. Do not say something mean back. That’s what they want.

Before the rise of large social media platforms, private forums were the service of choice. Many of these have great archives that have outlived AOL, Myspace, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and other walled gardens.

Transgender forums

Susan’s Place (

  • Large forum with over 2 million posts.

True Selves (

  • “Generation X & Y people who are actively transitioning in some way.”

TG Chatroom (

  • Free supportive and friendly chat for community, friends, and SOs.

My Husband Betty Message Boards (

  • Good for spouses and significant others.

Transgender Zone (

  • Not very active.

TG Forum (

  • News, resources, and forum.

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