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Transgender and gender diverse youth

These days, young people often talk to others about their gender much sooner. This part is about young people and gender.

For young visitors

If you are in crisis and need help now, go here.

If you want to learn more

For parents, guardians, and caregivers

Please see the part for parents and others caring for a gender diverse child.

For educators

Please see the part for educators and administrators on how to make your learning environment gender inclusive.

For healthcare providers

Please see the part for healthcare providers on how to make your care gender inclusive.

For everyone else

Please visit my overview on the history and politics of gender identity and expression among children and adolescents.


Any time a group is finding its voice, they use many new words. Some of the words being used include:

  • Trans youth / transyouth
  • Trans kids / transkids
  • GNC youth
    • Gender nonconforming
    • Gender non-conforming
    • Gender-nonconforming
    • Gendernonconforming
  • NB youth
    • Non-binary
    • Nonbinary
    • Enby
  • GF youth
    • Gender fluid
    • Genderfluid
  • Gender diverse youth
  • Gender expansive youth
  • Gender creative youth
  • Gender-free youth
  • Gender incongruent youth
  • Gender minority youth
  • Gender variant youth
  • Trans children
  • Trans adolescents
  • Transgender children
  • Transgender adolescents


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