Genital prosthetics for transgender women

Transgender women and transfeminine people sometimes wear things formed like a woman’s private parts. Doctors call these things prosthetics. These prosthetics are formed like external genitalia. A prosthetic can make people who wear them feel better and help them do things.

Daily wear

Most transfeminine people can make their genitals look like a vulva through tucking, or compressing and securing their genitals. Some people are able to conceal their genitals by wearing tight underwear under loose clothing and heavy fabrics.

Those who wish to wear tighter clothes can tuck more securely with specialized underwear like a gaff or with adhesives like tape. See the tucking page for more information.

Some people who have not had bottom surgery will wear a vulva prosthetic, usually placed on top of tucked genitals. Some gaffs have a vulva built in. These usually include labia and clitoris, but no vagina. They come with or without pubic hair. They are not penetrable.

Sexual activity

Some people who have not had bottom surgery use a wearable prosthetic during sexual activity. These can usually be used for penetrative sex. These are usually made of rubber or silicone and come in different styles:

  • pull-on / step-in panties
    • v panties
    • vee panties
    • vagina panty
    • “pussy panty”
  • bike short style
    • these often include butt padding as well
  • garter style
    • v-string
    • vee-string
    • vagina gaff


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