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For trans + people

Welcome! This is for people who know their gender identity. If you are not sure, please see my page for questioning people.

A gender transition is just like a trip. You choose:

  • where you want to go
  • how much time you will take
  • how much money you will spend

This map will help you choose your route. I want you to buy what is right for you. I also want to help you set goals you can make.

Going full-time is your main goal

Some people wish to be genderfluid, where they express their gender in different ways at different times. This is a great choice if you can not be yourself at work or school. It is also good for those who do not feel the gender binary fits their identity.

If you plan to make a gender change to a new identity all the time, you should plan for when you go “full time.” That means you have made your gender change all day, every day. You may want to go full-time right away, but you have to think about what others will do. If you make good plans for living full-time, you will have a smooth transition. You need to be ready with your mind, your body, and your money.

Most gender transitions take two or three years from start to finish. Young people often go full-time faster, but they take longer to do all the things they want to do. Adults often take longer to go full-time, then they get the rest done faster.

I feel that adults should think of transition in these steps:

  1. Find information and support
    1. research
    2. therapy
    3. mentors
  2. Make a timeline and money plan for your goals
    1. social
    2. legal
    3. medical
  3. Come out to supportive friends and loved ones
  4. Finish the goals you need to do before living full-time
  5. Come out at work or school
  6. Go full-time
  7. Do any other social, legal, or medical goals
  8. Have fun expressing your authentic self!

These are just my thoughts. Your own map is up to you. People have been happy after almost every kind of map. There is no one right way to do this!

Choose the best link below to learn more:

Feminine identities and expressions

Masculine identities and expressions

Gender diverse identities and expressions, including

  • Androgynous
  • Genderqueer
  • Non-binary
  • Genderfluid
  • Neutrois
  • Amalgagender
  • Demigender
  • Bigender
  • Third gender
  • Pangender
  • Agender
  • Eunuch
  • Sissy/Fujoshi/Fudanshi
  • Tomboy

Young people who are gender diverse

People with differences of sex development (sometimes called intersex people)