TG-recommended electrologists by state

2005 Update and disclaimer:

This information was submitted by others and has not been verified.

I have removed all numerical ratings and negative comments due to abuse of this directory. Please note that some of the electrologists who had negative comments are still listed on this site. By using this directory, you understand that I cannot be held responsible for the quality of the services provided by those listed. This directory should be the starting place for your research, not the ending place.

DO NOT RELY ON THESE ENTRIES TO HAVE THE MOST UP-TO-DATE FACTS. Electrologists change rates, go out of business, etc. so it's up to you to verify facts. Some of these entries are more than ten years old and may contain out-of-date information. Dates at the end of the listings indicate last entry update.

I am slowly migrating all data on these pages to my hair removal forum at (free registration required). Scroll to the bottom for the HairTell Practitioner Locator.

Choosing an electrologist

This is the most important factor in how long completion takes, how much it costs, how comfortable treatment is, and how your skin fares.

Ways to choose an electrologist (in descending order):

  1. Your best bet is to get a recommendation from other transgender women in your area who are done and happy. Meet them in person if possible and see how their face looks. Usually there is consensus in a town or area about who is the best person to see.
  2. If you don't know any transgender women, try calling your local transgender social or support group. Get a copy of their newsletter-- there will probably be an ad or two for local gender-friendly electrologists.
  3. If you don't see someone here, I suggest looking at's state-by-state resource directory.
  4. If you're having no luck with this route, ask some non-TS women.
  5. Physicians, department stores, salons, and hospitals may also do electrolysis-- check those options.
  6. If you don't want anyone's advice (a habit you should rid yourself of if you plan to have a smooth transition), try the yellow pages.

For more, see my page on choosing an electrologist.

Be sure to check neighboring states for additional electrologists with TG experience. If you can't find one near you or are not transgender, I recommend looking at the American Electrology Association directory as well.

I am once again taking referrals and updates. Ask your friends to help, too! Thanks to all who have contributed!

From a reader:

I thought I'd ask you to take a brief look at something I've put together when you have a moment.

It is still rough in spots and I have a bunch more work to do on it, but it is a start. My plan is to make it completely independent and unbiased, by the community, for the community. I have plans for expansion that include a comments/testimonials/warnings section, a ratings engine, more detailed information per provider and even small modules that will make it easy to add lookups to anyone's web site just to start. I have not yet put together a direct domain for it yet, but plan to in the near future.

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