Guam transgender resources

Below are resources in Guam for our community, part of this site’s American resources by state. See also major US-based trans websites and national advocacy groups.


Guam has seen some wonderful recent improvements for trans people. In 2018, Lasia Casil became Guam’s first transgender candidate for public office. She was later nominated to lead the Hagåtña Restoration and Redevelopment Authority.

Name change

Judiciary of Guam (

File a petition with the Clerk of the Guam Superior Court and pay a minimum filing fee of $300. Your petition must specify:

  • place of birth
  • current residence
  • current name
  • proposed new name
  • reason for your desired name change

Once you have filed, you will get posting materials that have to be posted where you live.

Source: US Navy (PDF)

Birth certificate change

The Territorial Registrar of Vital Statistics shall evaluate the evidence submitted and when he finds reason to question its validity or adequacy, he may reject the amendment and shall advise the applicant of the reasons for this action.

Guam Administrative Rules 26 GAR DIV. 1 CH. 2 – P. 1 CHAPTER 2 §2111 (PDF)


Guam Pride (

  • Metton Guåhan has many programs and services to help trans people.

GALA Guam (

  • The Miss Pacificana Beauty Pageant is a major event each year that often benefits GALA.