Indiana transgender resources

Below are resources in Indiana for our community, part of this site’s American resources by state. See also major US-based trans websites and national advocacy groups.


Indiana Transgender Network (

  • Aggregates resources available to transgender and gender diverse people living in Indiana.

GenderNexus (

  • Bringing transgender and nonbinary communities together across Indiana

TransIndy (

  • Peer-led social/support group for transgender and gender diverse people in central Indiana.


Transgender surgery options in Indiana

Eskenazi Health (

World Professional Association of Transgender Health (

Planned Parenthood (


Riley Children’s Health (

Cincinnati Children’s (

Muncie OUTreach (

  • Resources, comfort, and education for LGBTQ youth in Delaware County.

Gender Expansive Kids and Co. – GEKCO (

  • Central Indiana support group for families of trans kids.


National Center for Transgender Equality (

Human Rights Campaign (

Williams Institute (

Other comments and resources

A reader writes in October 2003:

I recently went through this business in northwest Indiana, and actually it was a piece of cake. I downloaded all the necessary legal forms from the internet, represented myself, and had no hassles. The steps were:

1. File the initial document with the clerk’s office. This must be notarized. I didn’t have to give a reason why I wanted to change my name; I just needed to write the new name.

2. Advertise 3 weeks in a row in the legal notices section of the local paper. In some ways this was the most nerve-wracking, since I was only out to family and a few close friends at that point, but nobody reads this stuff. I told the local paper (The Times) what I needed to do, and they wrote everything for me. The paper sent me the appropriate paperwork and copies of the adverts. I think the fee was on the order of $50.

3. After the 3 weeks was up, I went back to court with the paper’s documents and set up my hearing date, which had to be 1 month after the last publication date.

4. I arrive at the court dressed fairly androgynously: no make-up or jewelry, loose sweater, etc. I debated a lot about what to wear and decided this was the safest course of action. As it turned out, I nearly missed my appearance, because I was the only person in the hallway, and I didn’t look like a “Brian” to the bailiff, so he kept ignoring me (which, though frustrating, was nice!).

5. The actual hearing lasted all of 5 minutes. The judge asked me to basically repeat aloud what I had written in the final form, then asked me parenthetically if this was for a “lifestyle choice” (I said yes, ma’am–this wasn’t the place to begin a debate on the nature of all this), and at last she wished me luck and I was finished.

6. I went back to the court a week later to pick up my court order and 10 certified copies, which I then used at the DMV, credit cards, etc. I think the fee for all this was about $120.

7. Right on schedule, I went full-time the following week All told, legal fees + paper fees + notary fees, it came to about $175 or so.

I hope this is helpful!

A reader writes in December 2004:

I am about to go through the name change as an M2F in Northeast Indiana. 

I downloaded the forms because that is the link for the petition of name change and how I done my name change at 

The page(s) will be updated as time progresses.

The information is also on my site at 

Oh, BTW, am working with my state representative on having some transgender laws passed. Currently, Indiana has no laws that protect transgender individuals.

I hope this helps a lot of Hoosiers (people from Indiana) too.