Vaginoplasty surgeons and overviews

Below are selected links and websites concerning vaginoplasty procedures.

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Vaginoplasty surgeon lists and overviews

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LINK: Finding the right plastic surgeon by Over The Rainbow [via]

LINK: Transgender in Thailand: Links by Andrew Matzner is a great overview of the Thai surgical resources. [via]

LINK: Lynn Conway has a selective list of vaginoplasty surgeons with commentary and photographs of results.

LINK: has an annotated list of vaginoplasty surgeons.

LINK: GenderCare has a partial list of vaginoplasty surgeons.

LINK: Pamela Sexton [archive] has a list of vaginoplasty surgeons, with a focus on Europe.

LINK: Susan's Place Transgender Resources has a list of surgeons with reader ratings and comments.

Vaginoplasty surgeons, alphabetically by surname*

* Asian surnames (last names) are the first word in their names unless westernized.

See also list of surgeons by location.

Travel advisory: Those planning to travel outside their country of residence for vaginoplasty should make preparations with your government's agency in charge of documentation well in advance of their expected travel date. See my legal issues page for details.

= most active and/or prominent surgeons at this time

Alter, Gary (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Bellringer, James (London, UK)

Bhumsak Saksri (Bangkok, Thailand)

Biber, Stanley (Trinidad, Colorado, USA) [retired]

Bowers, Marci (San Mateo, California, USA)

Brassard, Pierre (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Brownstein, Michael (San Francisco, California, USA)

Chen CF (Taipei, Taiwan)

Chettawut Tulayaphanich (Bangkok, Thailand)

Cholon, Annette (Menlo Park, California, USA)

Choomchoke Janwimaluang (Bangkok, Thailand)

Corman, Marvin (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Dalrymple, James (London, UK)

Daverio, Paul (Potsdam, Germany)

Edgerton, Milton (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)

Falces, Edward (San Francisco, California, USA)

Fang RH (Taipei, Taiwan)

Futrell, J. William (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Granato, Roberto C. Sr. (Elmhurst, New York, USA) [retired]

Greenwald, Daniel (Tampa, Florida, USA)

Greechart Pornsinsirirak (Bangkok, Thailand)

Haertsch, Peter (Epping, NSW, Australia)

Hashmat, Azid (Manhasset, New York, USA)

Huang, Ted (Galveston, Texas, USA)

Jirapong Poony (Chonburi, Thailand)

Kamol Pansritum (Bangkok, Thailand)

Kenney, John (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)

Kirk, Sheila (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) [retired]

Krueger, Michael (Potsdam, Germany)

Landa-Juárez, Sergio (Mexico City, Mexico)

Laub, Donald Jr. (Williston, Vermont, USA)

Laub, Donald Sr. (Palo Alto, California, USA) [semi-retired]

Lee, Sun-Kyu (Seoul, South Korea)

Leis, Sherman (Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA))

Mac Millan, Guillermo (Valparaiso, Chile)

Maldonado, Pablo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Manders, Ernest K. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

McGinn, Christine (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Meltzer, Toby (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

Menard, Yvon (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Myung, Soon-Chul (Seoul, South Korea)

Nara Donsakul (Songkhla, Thailand)

Narongdet Jiarapipan (Bangkok, Thailand)

Nguyen, Tuan A. (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Paiboon Chitprapai (Bangkok, Thailand)

Paisarn Asavapakuna (Bangkok, Thailand)

Pichet Rodchareon (Bangkok, Thailand)

Preecha Tiewtranon (Bangkok, Thailand)

Reed, Harold (Miami, Florida, USA)

Rohatgi, Sheila (Calcutta, India)

Royle, Michael (Brighton, UK)

Ruch Wongtrungkapon (Bangkok, Thailand)

Sáenz de Cabezón y Chico, Jesús (Barcelona, Spain)

Sáenz de Cabezón y Martí, Jorge (Barcelona, Spain)

Sanguan Kunaporn (Phuket, Thailand)

Schrang, Eugene (Neenah, Wisconsin, USA) [retired]

Seghers, Michel (Brussels, Belgium) [retired]

Sharma, Manohar Lal (New Delhi, India)

Somsak Kunachakr (Bangkok, Thailand)

Suporn Watanyusakul (Chonburi, Thailand)

Terry, Timothy (University Hospital, Leicester

Thep Vechavisit (Bangkok, Thailand)

Thomas, Philip (Hove/Brighton, UK)

Vesely, Jiri (Brno, Czechoslovakia)

Vichai Surawongsin (Bangkok, Thailand)

Villarán, Benjamin (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Walker, E. Peter (Christchurch, NZ)

Witoon Wisuthseriwong (Bangkok, Thailand)

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