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Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism vs. transgender people

The Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR) campaigns against diversity and inclusion movements, with a focus on gender and race.

Its members and leadership include key figures in the modern global anti-transgender movement.

note: for the media watchdog founded in 1986, see FAIR.


FAIR was founded in 2021 by Bion Bartning, who was upset that teachers had introduced Bartning’s children to concepts associated with postmodernism, critical race theory, and intersectionality.

FAIR later expanded its mission to attack the rights of sex and gender minorities, primarily through its division FAIR in Medicine.

FAIR’s anti-transgender positions

FAIR claims schools are teaching children “to reject biology and to accept and reinforce gender norms and stereotypes.” They claim this is confusing children into thinking they are trans or gender diverse and “can lead some to consider serious and irreversible medical interventions.”

They also support the “parental rights” faction of anti-trans activists, saying “educators should inform families when a child is experiencing confusion or dysphoria around gender at school,” even if the educators know this may have negative consequences for the child.

While they claim to support “all sides of a clinical debate” about gender affirming care, their main goal is to support an activist minority within pediatrics and psychology who want to restrict or ban care for trans people under age 26. They do this through promoting the ex-transgender movement.

Key people


  • Bion Bartning




2021 anti-trans seminar

In 2021, FAIR hosted a webinar entitled “Gender Ideology: Problems and Pro-Human Solutions.” Participants included:

2023 petition supporting Kenneth Zucker

In 2023, the Archives of Sexual Behavior published the latest in its 50 years of academic attacks on trans and gender diverse youth. The first author is “Suzanna Diaz,” a fake name used by someone with Parents of ROGD Kids, an anti-transgender front group for unsupportive parents of trans and gender-diverse children. The second author is transphobic psychologist J. Michael Bailey.

Fired sexologist Ken Zucker, Archives‘ longtime editor, was defended by FAIR in an open letter after International Academy of Sex Research opened an investigation into how the Diaz/Bailey paper was published.

Signatories (rearranged alphabetically)

2023 open letter criticizing the American Psychiatric Association

In 2023, FAIR attacked the American Psychiatric Association for publishing the book Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care. The open letter was signed by many key figures in anti-transgender extremism. 

David Bell, Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, Karl Benzio, Jillian Spencer, “AnonymousKristopher Kaliebe

Cyrus Nowrasteh

Juliet Singer

A.W. Rousseau

Dr. J


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