Regret and the “ex-transgender” movement

Sometimes a person who made a change in gender identity or gender expression will make more changes later. Most people see gender changes on spectrum. A few see them as a binary.

In rare cases, a person who has regret decides to get money or attention by joining the “ex-trans” movement and pushing to restrict access to trans health services.

Some notable “ex-trans” people include:

  • Walt Heyer
  • Jerry Leach
  • Hacsi Horvath
  • Rene Jax
  • James Shupe

Beginning in 2021, the ex-trans movement began to get more politically organized.

General accounts

  • @DetransAware
  • @post_trans
  • @FtMdetransed
  • @detranshealing
  • @DeTransAust

Individual accounts

  • helena/@lacroicsz
  • KevinWhitt@KevinWhitt45
  • Abel Garcia
  • Chloe Cole/@puddingpandan
  • Shape Shifter/@ShifterofShapes (vaginoplasty regret)
  • Brian W/@BriWagon)
  • Ritchie/@TullipR
  • Grace/@HormoneHangover
  • athena/@mothergender
  • Michelle/@somenuancepls
  • Ollie/@Ollie_Bun
  • Chase/@InsultingAdvice
  • zuza/@h8erbieber
  • Mary/@fandaflames
  • Carol/@SourPatches2077
  • Amelie/@amelieprobably
  • DetransGC/@detransgc
  • Gerda/@czarnages

Media bias

People who express regret are vastly overrepresented in the media. They are often presented the way “ex-gays” used to be presented.

Political strategy

The ex-trans movement focuses on these controversial concepts:


  • Typically used for children.


  • Typically used for adults.