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Carrie D. Mendoza vs. transgender people

Carrie D. Mendoza is an American physician and anti-transgender activist. Mendoza leads FAIR in Medicine, the healthcare arm of anti-trans organization Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism.


Carrie D. Edelstein was born June 29, 1966. After earning a bachelor’s degree in from Tufts University in 1988, Edelstein then attended University of Chicago, earning a master’s degree and a medical degree, followed by a residency and a fellowship at Denver General Hospital.

Much of Mendoza’s career has been in emergency medicine. Mendoza has practiced at Parker and Castle Rock Adventist in Colorado and as part of the Advocate system in Illinois.

Mendoza married education reform activist Myles X. Mendoza (born 1972). They have three children: Jesse, Noah and Max.

Carrie D. Mendoza has contributed to Republican causes and was elected to the Douglas County school board in 2013. Mendoza was one of several parents who complained that New Trier High School library held the gay teen novel Two Boys Kissing.

Anti-transgender activism

In 2021, Mendoza appeared on a FAIR panel. Panelists included several prominent conservative and anti-trans activists:

After working as the Illinois coordinator for FAIR, Mendoza was tapped to lead FAIR in Medicine.

In an introductory video, Mendoza likened the “orthodoxy” of gender affirming care to forced sterilizations in Nazi Germany and Iran.

There is also the orthodoxy that only one treatment for youth gender dysphoria – affirmation, hormones, surgery – is the correct one, regardless of the individual conditions that might have led them to their discomfort with their body. Mastectomies are being performed on children as young as 15 as part of routine transgender healthcare. So-called gender-affirming hysterectomies have been performed on minors as well.

Asking if there are other better ways for certain patients reporting gender dysphoria is often treated as transphobic, as advocating conversion therapy, or pushing dysphoric children into suicide. Never mind the rate of regret and detransition increasing to amounts that have not yet been properly studied. Multiple studies have shown that medical transition has no effect on reducing suicide rates. And two studies show postoperative transgender people have considerably higher risk for suicidal behavior.

Some states are passing misinformation bills that would ban medical professionals from speaking in ways that contradict contemporary scientific consensus. Unaware of how wrong previous medical consensus was that sought to cure homosexuality or treat hysteria with oophorectomies and how wrong we might discover we are in the present.

Mendoza also drafted and distributed an open letter supporting Kenneth Zucker for publishing yet another ethically questionable article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior about “rapid onset gender dysphoria.” Mendoza also had study co-author J. Michael Bailey on to defend the article and Zucker. The paper was later retracted.


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