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Peter Boghossian vs. transgender people

Peter Boghossian is an American educator and anti-transgender activist.


Peter Gregory “Pete” Boghossian was born on July 25, 1966 in Boston. Boghossian attended Fordham University, earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Boghossian then earned a doctorate from Portland State University.

Boghossian married physician Jessica Lampkin Gregg (born 1966). They have two children: Samuel Stephen “Sam” Boghossian (born ~2002) and Mei Mei Boghossian (born ~2006).

Anti-transgender activism

Boghossian and James Lindsay published a hoax paper in 2017 titled “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct.” They stated the paper parodied “poststructuralist discursive gender theory.” The paper was rejected by Norma, but later accepted by Cogent Social Sciences.

Lindsay, Boghossian, and Helen Pluckrose submitted 20 hoax papers, which they submitted to peer-reviewed journals using several pseudonyms. One recommended that people challenge their transphobia by inserting sex toys into their anuses.

The hoax was uncovered by Toni Airaksinen of Campus Reform in 2018.

When Portland State University opened a research conduct investigation into Boghossian, the usual suspects showed up in defense:

Tracy Roberts, publishing director of academic journal publisher Taylor & Francis, said, “This was an elaborate, complex hoax which broke all accepted norms of scholarly communication.”

2021 resignation

In September 2021, Boghossian resigned from Portland State University, claiming lack of intellectual freedom. According to Boghossian, “the regressive left have taken over academia.”

Boghossian founded the nonprofit National Progress Alliance in 2021. People include:

  • Lyell Asher, Director (since 2022)
  • Peter Boghossian, President (since 2021)
  • Melissa Chen, Secretary (2021)
  • Erin Herrick, Chair (since 2022)
  • Rob Kramer, Director (since 2022)
  • Matt Thornton, Director (since 2022)
  • Michael Trollan, treasurer (since 2021)

In 2021 Boghossian also began writing a Substack called Beyond Woke.

Boghossian produced and appears in the 2023 anti-trans propaganda series Uncomfortable Truths: The Reality of Gender Identity Ideology.


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