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Jennifer Lahl vs. transgender people

Jennifer Lahl is an American nursing executive and anti-transgender activist. She is is founder and president of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, an organization that opposes reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy.

In addition to opposing trans healthcare, she opposes stem cell research, assisted suicide, egg and sperm donation, and surrogacy, which she calls “egg and womb trafficking.”


Jennifer D. Chenoweth was born on May 9, 1958.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton and a master’s degree from Trinity International University in 2000.

She married marketing executive and church planter Daniel E. “Dan” Lahl (born October 7, 1956). Both attended Trinity International University. They have three daughters, Allison, Julia, and Katherine.

Jennifer Lahl has worked as a pediatric critical care nurse and administrator. Her California licenses were as a registered nurse (1982–2021) and public health nurse (1985–2019).

Her film projects have included:

  • Lines That Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate (2009)
  • Eggsploitation (2010)
  • Anonymous Father’s Day (2011)
  • Breeders: A Subclass of Women? (2014)
  • Maggie’s Story (2015)
  • Compassion and Choice: Denied (2016)
  • #BigFertility: It’s All about the Money (2018)

Anti-transgender activism

Lahl produced the 2021 film Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender? It is critical of gender affirming care for youth.

In 2022 she produced a documentary on the ex-transgender movement The Detransition Diaries: Saving Our Sisters.


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