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Selected transgender coverage

Escalante, Alyson (November 15, 2018). Transgender Lives Are Not Up for Debate. https://fair.org/home/transgender-lives-are-not-up-for-debate/

Jackson, Janine (March 16, 2017). ‘That Violence Against Our Community Is Often Not Told by Media.’ https://fair.org/home/that-violence-against-our-community-is-often-not-told-by-media/

Jones, Tegan (March 13, 2017). Covering the Critics of Conway, Not the Murders of Transgender Women. https://fair.org/home/covering-the-critics-of-conway-not-the-murders-of-transgender-women/

Hollar, Julie (March 1, 2014). When Transgender Is a Plot Twist. https://fair.org/extra/when-transgender-is-a-plot-twist/

Khalek, Rania (October 1, 2013). ‘I Am Chelsea Manning.’ https://fair.org/extra/i-am-chelsea-manning/

Hollar, Julie (February 14, 2013). On Transgender Healthcare, NYT Reports Tree, Ignores Forest. https://fair.org/home/on-transgender-healthcare-nyt-reports-tree-ignores-forest/

Hollar, Julie (April 1, 2013). Missing the Bigger Picture on Transgender Healthcare. https://fair.org/extra/missing-the-bigger-picture-on-transgender-healthcare/

Tady, Megan (June 1, 2012). Being Transgender in American Media. https://fair.org/extra/being-transgender-in-american-media/

Hollar, Julie (November 1, 2007). Transforming Coverage. https://fair.org/extra/transforming-coverage/

Staff report (July 8, 2005). New York Times Suggests Bisexuals Are ‘Lying.’ https://fair.org/take-action/action-alerts/new-york-times-suggests-bisexuals-are-quotlyingquot/


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