Stella O’Malley is a conservative gender critical therapist from Ireland and anti-transgender extremist. O’Malley is a global ringleader in the modern ex-transgender movement and a major supporter of anti-transgender efforts worldwide. She frequently collaborates with conservative American clinician Sasha Ayad to uplift conservative and anti-transgender voices.

They promote

Do not under any circumstances go to O’Malley for any counseling, trans or otherwise. If you are a minor forced to see O’Malley, do everything in your power to end the sessions and find supportive local resources instead.

O’Malley has helped set up numerous anti-transgender front organizations, most of which are just part of a web farm with reciprocal links to make her allies and their fringe ideologies seem more numerous and influential than they are.

These fringe front groups include:

Gender: A Wider Lens

Ayad and O’Malley have a podcast. The guests include many global leaders of the modern conservative and gender critical movements.

O’Malley is connected to a number of other websites as well.

Beyond WPATH (