Lisa Marchiano vs. transgender people

Lisa Marchiano is an American psychotherapist and global ringleader in the anti-transgender movement. Her efforts are focused on promoting controversial concepts like “rapid onset gender dysphoria” and “detransition.”

Marchiano is involved with anti-trans organization Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) and is likely the fey figure behind the website Youth Trans Critical Professionals (YTCP).

Do not under any circumstances go to Marchiano for any counseling of any kind. If you are a minor forced to see Marchiano, do everything in your power to end the sessions and find a supportive local therapist instead.


Biologist Julia Serano reviewed evidence that Marchiano posted as “skepticaltherapist” before setting up YTCP. In an early comment on that site, the poster states, “I am a psychotherapist with 20 years experience.” Serano wrote:

In my Origins timeline, I also speculated (see entry March 14, 2016) that skepticaltherapist became one of the co-founders of YTCP on the basis that 1) she mysteriously disappeared from the scene just as YTCP came into existence, 2) the very first post on YTCP mentions social contagion, and 3) two days later (see entry March 16, 2016) TransgenderTrend interviewed YTCP and the latter discussed social contagion in a manner very similar to skepticaltherapist, including a prominent mention of the social media website Tumblr (which will come up again). I also observed that YTCP’s web domain shared the same registrar and registrant organization as 4thwavenow (see entry March 14, 2016), suggesting that they may have been working together in some capacity.

In 2023 it was revealed that Marchiano was heavily involved behind the scenes in attacking trans people and their supporters.


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