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Stella O’Malley vs. transgender people

Stella O’Malley is a conservative Irish therapist and anti-transgender extremist. O’Malley is a global ringleader in the modern ex-transgender and gender critical movements and a major supporter of anti-transgender efforts worldwide.

O’Malley frequently collaborates with American clinician Sasha Ayad to uplift other conservative and anti-transgender voices.

They promote

Do not under any circumstances go to Stella O’Malley for any counseling, trans or otherwise. If you are a minor forced to see O’Malley, do everything in your power to end the sessions and find supportive local resources instead.


O’Malley was born on November 16, 1973. O’Malley grew up with three siblings in the Dublin area in a household where at least one parent was alcoholic.

O’Malley and spouse Henry Thompson, a construction contractor, live in Birr, County Offaly with their two children Róisín Thompson (born November 9, 2007) and Muiris Thompson (born August 5, 2009). O’Malley’s self-described parenting style is “impatient, moody and cranky” with “a very low threshold for ordinary whining.”

O’Malley authored Cotton Wool Kids (2015) Bully-Proof Kids (2017), and Fragile (2019).

Anti-trans activism

O’Malley was host of the 2018 propaganda piece Trans Kids: It’s Time To Talk. It features conservative and anti-trans activists, including James Caspian, Heather Brunskell-Evans, Venice Allan, Miranda Yardley, and people from the ex-trans movement

O’Malley is connected to a number of anti-trans organizations, most of which are just part of a web farm with reciprocal links to make O’Malley’s allies and their fringe ideologies seem more widespread and influential than they are.

These fringe front groups include:

In 2023 O’Malley co-authored the anti-trans book When Kids Say They’re Trans: A Guide for Parents with Sasha Ayad and Lisa Marchiano.

Gender: A Wider Lens

Ayad and O’Malley host the podcast Gender: A Wider Lens. The guests include many global leaders in modern conservative and anti-transgender activism.


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