For transgender youth: how to transition

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Gender transition has several steps for young people:

  1. Finding information.
  2. Coming out to your family.
  3. Making plans for your gender transition.
  4. Getting healthcare.
  5. Coming out to your friends.
  6. Coming out at school.
  7. Going full-time.
  8. Doing any remaining gender transition.
  9. Enjoying to your new life.

Coming out to your family should be your main goal. If that goes well, everything else will be much easier. If you believe that coming out to your family will lead to physical harm or being kicked out, you need to plan this step carefully.

In this section


Coming out

Online safety

Hormones and hormone blockers


Getting a post office box as a minor

Military registration and service


Free online publications

“Mom, I Need to Be a Girl,” 

From Within by Vicky

Our Trans Loved Ones (PDF)

Nuestros Seres Queridos Trans (PDF)

Coming out: A coming out guide for trans young people (PDF)

Books to buy

Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers (2008)

Trans Forming Families (2008)

Good articles

Excellent information compiled by Lynn Conway on transitioning early in life.

Trans Mission: about kids who are transitioning before adolescence.

Articles from the AntiJen site.

Good sites

In 2007, German Magazine Spiegel had a profile of a 14-year-old named Kim who was Germany’s youngest recorded transitioner. The case led to discussion in many countries about early transition.

The New York Times had a very uplifting piece in May 2002 about a 13-year-old FTM whose parents and teachers helped him go to school as a boy without the other kids knowing. (You may need to register to view the article. If it’s no longer available, contact me and I can send you a copy.)

Letting children express their chosen gender gains further acceptance: another great New York Times piece from 2006.

Woman’s Own Magazine had a feature in June 2004 about Johanna, the youngest German trans woman to get state-funded services. A great story to show to your parents. Via Lynn Conway.

LINK: A guide by and for young trans people in the UK from the Department of Health

Note: This page is intended for young people ages 13 and above.