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Getting a US post office box as a minor

Some young people start a gender change without telling their families. Sometimes, they do not want things they buy online sent to their homes. Some of them have things for their gender change sent to a post office box.

You can set up a mailing address without telling your family. The form you have to fill out says it is legal for American minors to get a post office box:

You may not use PO Box service for any purpose prohibited by law or Postal Service regulations. We will immediately terminate PO Box service if used for any unlawful purpose. PO Box service may be provided to minors (unless parents or guardians submit a written objection to the postmaster).

PS Form 1093 (2012)

If you are not in the US, check with your country’s postal service for options.

What to do

Minors must apply in person. You will need to show two forms of identification with your current legal name.

Get two forms of ID

Decide on a post office

Fill out form PS 1093

You will need to write down a street address. It’s best to use the one on your State ID or Driver’s License. Use your own phone, or ask a friend with one if you can use their number.

Cash to pay

Pay in cash and keep the receipt. You can usually pay for a six-month rental or a one-year rental. Bring $100 to be safe. If you pay in other ways, it will show up on your bank or credit card statement.


They might ask why you want a mailbox. Here are some answers:

  • I get fan mail from my online fans.
  • It’s part of a class project on setting up a business. We sell [greeting cards, needlepoint, etc.]
  • I collect [dolls, baseball cards, etc.] and don’t want things I buy on auction sites to have my home address.
  • We have a problem with package theft at my home.

Using a private mail box (PMB)

Some minors can get a private mailbox instead of one through the Post office. The official name for these is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). Usually you can’t because you can’t enter into a legal agreement as a minor. Some smaller services might let you. Check with the one you want to use. You can search online using “private mail box.” You will need all of the things you needed for the Post Office.

Asking an adult for help

An adult friend or loved one might be willing to help you if you can not get one on your own. You do not have to tell them about your transition. You can use the reasons above.

Once it is set up

It is probably against the law to use your box to get hormones or hormone blockers from foreign pharmacies. If you plan to do this:


  • send a postcard to yourself first
  • buy a book or other item online first
  • check your mailbox often – unclaimed packages that do not fit in your box get sent back after a certain time

Do not

  • get items mailed using other names
  • order large amounts of hormones
  • tell friends about your mailbox
  • let friends use your mailbox
  • order sexually explicit materials
  • order items that are against the law for minors to have