The mature minor doctrine and gender diverse youth

Transgender hormone blockers, hormones, and surgery are generally only available to minors whose parents give consent in consultation with the minor and medical experts.

In some cases, these mature minors may be able to give medical consent for puberty suppressing drugs as part of a harm reduction model of care. In some cases, a mature minor may even be able to make medical decisions that go against the wishes of their parent or guardian.

The legal doctrine is similar to providing minors drugs for contraception.


Ikuta, Emily (March 2, 2016). Overcoming the Parental Veto: How transgender adolescents can access puberty-suppressing hormone treatment in the absence of consent under the mature minor doctrine. Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal Vol. 25:179. (PDF)


National Center for Transgender Equality (

  • Identification Documents and Transgender People (PDF)