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UnHerd vs. transgender people

UnHerd is a British website that publishes consistently anti-transgender content.


UnHerd was founded in 2017 by conservative British political activist Tim Montgomerie with funding from Paul Marshall. In 2018 anti-trans activist Sally Chatterton took over editing from Montgomerie, leading to significantly increased anti-trans coverage.

They are known for publishing “the kind of people who are generally ‘unheard’ because people edge away from them at parties.”

The only exception is balanced writing on religion and trans issues, including work by Christopher Rhodes and Alexander Faludy.

Key people


2024 Dissident Dialogues event

UnHerd partnered with Ground News, FIRE, and ThirdRail to hold an event in New York City called “Dissident Dialogues.” It was produced by talent agency This Is 42, which handled logistics.

Panels included anti-trans activists speaking on “What is the future of feminism?” and “The end of ‘gender medicine.'”

Speakers included:

  • Alex Berenson
  • Uri Berliner
  • Stephen Blackwood
  • Africa Brooke
  • Richard Dawkins
  • Jewher Ilham
  • Tom Nash
  • John Vervaeke
  • Thomas Chatterton Williams

Chris Williamson and Nathan Robinson were scheduled but apparently removed.

A number of anti-trans activists were in attendance, including Christina Buttons, Cathy Young, Carrie Mendoza, Colin Wright, Benjamin Ryan, and Meghan Daum.

Other visited websites

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