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“Christina Buttons” / Christina Berry vs. transgender people

“Christina Buttons” is the pen name of Christina Berry, an American writer, illustrator, and anti-transgender activist who wrote articles for anti-trans publication The Daily Wire until 2023.


Christina “Tina” Berry was originally an illustrator, working at Moonbow Publishing as a contractor. After working for anti-diversity organization Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, Berry worked at The Post Millennial in 2022 before joining The Daily Wire.

Berry plans to continue this anti-trans work with a book titled The Parent’s Survival Guide to Gender Ideology and a website

Over the course of this activism, Berry began a relationship with anti-trans activist Colin Wright.

2023 Daily Wire resignation

Berry covered transgender issues for The Daily Wire, switching to “Christina Buttons” after starting. In 2023, Berry resigned from The Daily Wire over its increasingly inflammatory anti-trans rhetoric, particularly that of Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles:

I’m leaving The Daily Wire. I work hard getting the facts right and using precise language because of the heated nature of the gender debate, with so much at stake, while their pundits dump gasoline all over it for entertainment and clicks.

As an independent journalist I will continue my commitment to factual and rigorous reporting on gender ideology and pediatric gender medicine, with the goal of reaching people across the political spectrum. You can help support my journalism by donating.

I’ve already begun receiving inquiries from left-wing publications to see if I’ll give them dirt. As a company, The Daily Wire is a fantastic place to work, they treat their employees extremely well, their editorial team is top notch and everyone I have ever interacted with there is wonderful. I am leaving because I want to reach people on the center-left and lately I’ve felt there has been a distinct increase in inflammatory rhetoric from some of The Daily Wire’s personalities that make it more difficult to accomplish that.

Why? I didn’t misrepresent their views. They made extremely controversial public statements, doubled down on them, and I left so that I could express my opinions on them. My loyalty is to the people who are trying to improve the situation with gender medicine, not inflame it.

I would never use the word transgenderism to describe gender ideology. It was either a sloppy choice from not having done enough research or it was intentionally meant to inflame. Most people believe that being transgender is the same as being gay. That’s why I expend so much energy trying to inform people on why “gender identity” has no biological basis. Furthermore, “eradicating” gender ideology completely from all aspects of life is not realistic, nor attainable and amounts to conservative virtue signaling. We have to be specific about what “gender identity” ideology is, where it came from, what the tenets are, where it should not be taught (K-12) or accommodated (sports, prisons, etc) otherwise you drive mass hysteria. Most reasonable people would agree with all of these points if they were given the opportunity to have them be explained.


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Selected writing by Berry

Berry, Christina (September 7, 2022). Alabama Nonprofit Fighting Underage Gender Treatments Says They’re Being Targeted By ‘Unprecedented’ DOJ Subpoena. Daily Wire [archive]

Berry, Christina (September 6, 2022). Nearly 1 In 4 Democratic Voters Believe Men Can Get Pregnant: Poll. Daily Wire [archive]

Buttons, Christina (March 7, 2023). Why I’m Leaving The Daily Wire. Reality’s Last Stand


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