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Bridget Phetasy vs. transgender people

Bridget Phetasy is the stage name of Bridget A. Walsh, an American writer and anti-transgender activist.

Phetasy has written for numerous anti-trans publications, including The Spectator, The Federalist, Quillette, UnHerd, and The Atlantic.


Bridget Anna Walsh was born November 16, 1978. Phetasy’s parents divorced in 1991. Phetasy reportedly struggled with cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, and marijuana use until around age 35.

Greeting card company Phetasy LLC was created in Rhode Island in 2004 by Bridget A. Walsh. Phetasy was trademarked in 2005. Phetasy went bankrupt soon after, at age 27.

Phetasy hosts Dumpster Fire and the podcast Walks-Ins Welcome.


Phetasy, Bridget (June 22, 2023) Why Pride lost the public: ‘Gays and women are bearing the brunt of the gender ideology nonsense.’ The Spectator

Phetasy, Bridget (June 22, 2023). Why women need to feel fear: Our instincts aren’t bigoted — they’re essential. UnHerd


Bridget Phetasy (October 19, 2023). They’re Sterilizing Gay Kids – Helen Joyce – WiW 225


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