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Mary Harrington vs. transgender people

Mary Harrington is a British author and anti-transgender activist.


Mary E. Harrington grew up in Kings Langley and graduated from Oxford in 2002.

“In 2005, I changed my name to Sebastian, because the internet told me to. That was a fairly eccentric thing to do 15 years ago. Now, it seems like everyone’s at it.”

Harrington worked in marketing from 2006 to 2020, specializing in marketing for the shipping industry. Harrington is a contributing editor at anti-trans publication UnHerd.

Harrington is author of the 2023 book Feminism Against Progress.


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Selected anti-trans writing by Harrington

Harrington, Mary (February 19, 2024). New study: trans youth not at elevated risk of suicide. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (December 1, 2023). Ultra-Processed People. Reactionary Feminist

Harrington, Mary (September 14, 2023). The Statistic No One’s Allowed To Study: Why are so many transgender prisoners sex offenders? Reactionary Feminist

Harrington, Mary (July 17, 2023). NHS mental health app ‘Kooth’ is a danger to girls. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (July 23, 2023). Which orifice? What organs? Who cares? Reactionary Feminist

Harrington, Mary (June 12, 2023). California laws fundamentally redefine the family. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (May 12, 2023). The Hyperpalatable Human What AI-generated burger adverts tell us about male-to-male transsexuals. Reactionary Feminist

Harrington, Mary (April 17, 2023). From the UN to SNL, how institutions fall to trans activism. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (April 3, 2023). New laws confirm the sacred principle of bodily self-creation UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (March 29, 2023). What Posie Parker learnt from Brexit: Every campaign needs its shock troops. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (March 2, 2023). Why Progress isn’t feminist. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (March 2, 2023). Dylan Mulvaney’s new face is only the beginning UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (January 5, 2023). Why are incels turning themselves into girls? UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (October 28, 2022). Scotland’s new gender bill imperils the Union. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (October 28, 2022). Can you really be non-binary? UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (May 30, 2022). Landmark trans cases show who the men really are. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (October 20, 2021). Welcome to Team TERF, Margaret Atwood UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (September 14, 2021). The Gender Resistance. First Things

Harrington, Mary (September 1, 2021). Trans activism has mummy issues. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (May 6, 2021). Nobody wins the gender wars. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (May 6, 2021). The trans lobby is finally meeting resistance. UnHerd

Harrington, Mary (December 9, 2020). For me, self-identification was a con. UnHerd


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