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Jacob Siegel vs. transgender people

Jacob Siegel is an American writer and critic of gender affirming healthcare.


Jacob Rosenberg “Jake” Siegel was born November 13, 1980 to sociologist Jan Rosenberg Siegel and academic Frederick Fein “Fred” Siegel, (1945–2023), a progressive turned senior fellow at conservative think tank the Manhattan Institute.

Siegel served in the US Army. He then commanded the New York Army National Guard Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 69th Infantry.

He worked at The Daily Beast, where his brother Harry is a senior editor. He is an author and co-editor with Roy Scranton of Fire and Forget: Short Stories From the Long War, by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. He has written for The New York TimesTabletPolitico, the New York Daily NewsThe Baffler, Vice, and the National Endowment for the Humanities

Siegel is senior editor of News and The Scroll, Tablet’s daily afternoon news digest.


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