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Alex Gutentag vs. transgender people

Alex Gutentag is an American writer and anti-transgender activist. Gutentag is associated with anti-trans activist Michael Shellenberger.


Alexandra Kyra Ryan-Gutentag was born on September 6, 1990 to Eduardo Gutentag (born 1947) and Constance “Connie” Ryan (born 1950). Gutentag grew up in Oakland, California and earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University.

Gutentag worked in special education for eight years in New York City and was a Special Day Class teacher in Oakland Unified Schools before becoming a writer.

Gutentag has written for Tablet and Compact. Gutentag collaborated with Shellenberger at the organization Environmental Progress and on The Twitter Files reports into the platform’s COVID misinformation policies.

Anti-transgender activism

Gutentag has written anti-trans work for Public, a reflection of founder Michael Shellenberger’s immersion into anti-trans activism.


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