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Andrew Sullivan vs. transgender people

Andrew Sullivan is a conservative gay cultural critic and anti-transgender activist. Sullivan says Catholic upbringing and values inform this conservatism. Sullivan’s gender critical views include:

  • Criticizing legal protections based on gender identity
  • Criticizing affirmative care for gender diverse youth
  • Promoting the ex-transgender movement
  • Stating that trans youth should wait until 16 for health services
  • Citing anti-trans research like Lisa Littman’s “rapid onset gender dysphoria


In 1986, Sullivan took a role at The New Republic, rising to editor in 1991 before leaving in 1996.

Sullivan wrote for The New York Times Magazine from 1998 until getting fired in 2002. During that time Sullivan started a blog called The Dish that ran until 2015. From 2016 to 2020 Sullivan wrote for New York magazine, then moved to Substack.

Anti-trans activism

Sullivan frequently appears in the media to attack trans people, especially gender diverse children.

Sullivan has collaborated with anti-trans activists, including Katie Herzog, Megyn Kelly, Bill Maher, Konstantin Kisin, and Francis Foster.


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Selected anti-trans writing by Sullivan

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