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Ben Appel vs. transgender people

Ben Appel is an American author and anti-transgender activist. Appel is a regular contributor to Queer Majority and other anti-trans publications.


Bennjamin John “Ben” Appel was born in February 1983 to Nancy Sue (Lipman) Gunzelman (born 1954) and Randy Appel (1949-2019). Appel grew up in Catonsville and Ellicott City, Maryland in a Catholic household with three siblings: Erin, Jessica, and Bret.

In 2015 Appel married attorney Andrew Charles “Drew” Leaser (born 1976). They live in New York.

Appel worked as a hairdresser in Maryland for ten years before earning a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University.

Anti-transgender activism

Appel’s forthcoming memoir from Post Hill Press is titled Cis White Gay. The book was pitched as:

about growing up in a Christian fundamentalist cult before becoming a gay rights activist while a student at Columbia University, only to encounter there a cultural landscape ruled by gender ideology and a puritanical cult of social justice resembling The Handmaid’s Tale dystopia of his childhood

In 2023, Appel was announced as a participant in an anti-trans conference by Genspect.


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