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Conservative gender transition resources

This list is about politics within the trans community, not what is typically thought of as right/left, Tory/Labour, Republican/Democrat, and so on. The people below have expressed disagreement or concern about some or all progressive positions of the modern trans rights movement.

Trans and gender diverse people with conservative views get disproportional coverage in the media, because their views often align with mainstream media outlets opposed to progressive aspects of trans politics.

Conservatism in context

People in our community hold a spectrum of political views. Any minority group whose members can be openly conservative has reached an important landmark in mainstream acceptance. Even though conservative views are often in opposition to majority views in the trans community, people who hold them are still part of the community.


Conservative trans and gender diverse people may identify as one or more of the following:

Medical identities

  • may identify with a controversial medical term
    • transsexual
    • transexual
  • may identify with a controversial medical category
    • true transssexual
    • primary transsexual
    • secondary transsexual
  • may feel they have a controversial disorder or disease
    • gender identity disorder
    • gender dysphoria
    • gender incongruence
    • “Harry Benjamin syndrome”
      • This was a disease briefly promoted by Charlotte Goiar, Diane Kearny, Rose White, Tabatha Basco, Cathryn Platine, Joanne Proctor, Jennifer Usher, Rachel Horsham, and Yasmene Jabar
  • may use controversial conceptualizations and terms
    • “trapped in the wrong body”
    • “born in the wrong body”
    • masculine or feminine essence
    • male or female soul
    • “tranny,” “TIM,” “TIF” and other slurs
    • “groomer”
  • may reject self-identities
    • transgender
    • trans
    • nonbinary etc.
  • may identify as sex assigned at birth using controversial terms:
    • biological sex
    • natal sex
    • biological male
    • biological female
    • “men trapped in men’s bodies”
  • may identify as intersex
    • self-diagnosis (“factitious intersex”)
  • may identify with a controversial sexuality
  • may consider bottom surgery a defining characteristic of their identity
  • may support the ex-trans movement of political detransitioners

Political identities

  • conservative
  • “heterodox”
  • “rationalist”
  • “classical liberal”

Conservative or traditionalist religious identities

  • Catholic
  • Evangelical Christian
  • Orthodox Jewish
  • Muslim

Political views

Many conservative people who transition hold one or more of these views:


  • may oppose social, legal, and/or medical transition for young people
  • may support the “parental rights” movement that asserts control over medical decisions and bodily autonomy of minor children

Sex segregation

  • may support sex segregated institutions including
    • sports
    • prisons
    • public accommodations like bathrooms
    • faith leaders

Gender schematic

  • may support rigid or traditional gender roles and binaries
  • may oppose fluid identities and expressions
  • may consider passing and assimilating important


Critics may describe conservative people who have transitioned with these labels, which are usually considered slurs:

  • “truscum”
  • “transmedicalist”
  • “TERF”
  • “HBSer”
  • “pickme”
  • “one of the good ones”
  • “uncle TIM” or “aunt TIF”


Conservative people in our community include

  • Jessika Jayne/Hailey Bennett (@TSHaileyBennett)
  • Asha Britt (aka “Kinesis” / “Kinysis” / “Alex” / “GC_Ladyboi” / “Sulaco_Queen” / “A Gender Critical Trans Individual” / “Last LadyBoi StarFighter”)
  • Leia Bryant / @LeiaBryant13
  • Kelly Cadigan
  • Lois Cardinal
  • Holly Charlton
  • Corinna Cohn
  • Danielle Rose Cox / @danirosepoet
  • Maritza Cummings
  • Seren D
  • Edie Dixon
  • Heather Dunn
  • Jordan Evans (Republican USA politician)
  • Amazon Eve
  • Mars Fernandez / Upperhand Mars
  • Kalvin Garrah
  • Charlotte Goiar
  • “Robynne M.”
  • Julia Malott
  • Shannyn Martin
  • John McDonnell
  • Katherine McGregor
  • Rhys McKavanagh
  • Claudia McLean
  • Leanne Mills
  • “Mladydik” / Jocelyn
  • Rose Mulet/@threalrosemulet (YouTuber and conservative pundit)
  • Fionne Orlander
  • Claire Rae Randall (author, The War on Gender)
  • Laura Reynolds
  • Rachel Richards (conservative YouTuber)
  • Toni Roche-Simmons
  • Tonya Rogers
  • Lauren Scott (Republican USA politician)
  • Nikki Sinclaire (Tory UK politician)
  • Erin Smith
  • Jenn Smith
  • “Sophie XY”

This list was updated in 2023 to address several unintentional errors.