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Leor Sapir vs. transgender people

Leor Sapir is a conservative political scientist and professional anti-transgender extremist. Sapir’s job is to make life harder for transgender adults and gender diverse young people by producing anti-transgender propaganda.


Leor Shlomo Sapir was born in November 1982. Sapir’s original occupation involved tutoring and coaching debate teams in Israel at Lachman Psychometry and Zakai Institute for Rhetoric. Following a Tikvah Fellowship, Sapir was a visiting lecturer at National Law School of India University in 2012 and 2013. Sapir then began the graduate program in political science at Boston College in 2013. While working on a dissertation, Sapir was a visiting lecturer at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island in 2018 and at Wellesley College in 2019. Sapir’s dissertation was on Title IX Regulations during the Obama Administration. Sapir then did postdoctorate work at Harvard.

Anti-transgender activism

Sapir began working at the Manhattan Institute in 2022, focusing on undermining the rights of trans and gender diverse Americans. Sapir frequently appears in conservative media to attack transgender people, including on shows hosted by Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager, The Current Catholic, and City Pages.

In the Wall Street Journal, Sapir joined fellow anti-trans activist Julia Mason in attacking mainstream pediatric organization American Academy of Pediatrics for supporting gender affirming care for youth.


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Sapir, Leor (January 30, 2022). Staying in their lane: the debate over transgender “inclusion” in women’s sports is theoretically confused and empirically flawed. City Journal


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