Kevin Hsu vs. transgender people

Kevin J. Hsu (born circa 1990) is an American psychologist who published pathologizing research on sex and gender minorities while working with his dissertation advisor J. Michael Bailey at Northwestern University.

Hsu diagnoses the common attraction to trans women as “gynandromorphophilia” (GAMP), which he and his colleagues describe as “sexual interest in gynandromorphs (GAMs; colloquially, shemales).” Hsu and his conservative colleagues are the only people who publish medicalized and pornographic neologisms rather than using scientific and value-neutral terms used by ethical sexologists.

He also diagnoses furries as “autozoophiles,” ageplay enthusiasts as “autopedophiles,” and many trans women as “autogynephiles.” Hsu has published on sex and gender minorities with David I. Miller and Allen Rosenthal. He is one of the the few “autogynephilia” activists under age 50.

Hsu was barred from recruiting participants at Midwest FurFest in December 2013 by the organizers, but attended anyway and tried to talk to several furries about their sexuality. A complaint to Northwestern’s Institutional Review Board resulted in Hsu taking down an online survey he created.


Hsu grew up in Texas and got a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern in 2012 and a Ph.D. in 2019. He did his psychology internship in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

His research has focused broadly on understanding sexual orientation using a variety of methods. His clinical work has focused primarily on the assessment and treatment of adults with various psychiatric problems, including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Hsu’s dissertation was titled “Erotic Target Identity Inversions in Male Furries, Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers, and Eunuchs.”

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