Benjamin Boyce is an American YouTuber who promotes alt-right and intellectual dark web viewpoints, with a special focus on gender critical anti-transgender movements. He is a key promoter of the ex-transgender movement.

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Benjamin Arthur Boyce was born on July 7, 1976 in Ukiah, California and grew up in a religious household. His family moved frequently around California, living in Milpitas, San Jose, Loomis, and Rocklin. According to Boyce, his father and mother met in Bible college and came under the influence of a charismatic minister named Gordon, who had been paralyzed after being shot. The families under Gordon’s control were split up, and Boyce’s mother was given to another family. Boyce’s father inherited two “spiritual children” from the minors who were part of other families. At 14 Boyce says he became “intensely sexual.”

His family eventually left the group, and they were shunned. His father went to a seminary school in Chicago while Boyce remained behind in Rockland to complete high school, staying with a family that was part of his church. Boyce attended Covenant Bible College in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, a vocational Bible college which has since closed. He then moved to Chicago in 1995. His parents then took over a church in Fresno, California, and Boyce remained in Chicago until he was 24. He moved many times looking for a church, eventually moving to Portland. Boyce has been involved in Subud, “a direct spiritual experience of the soul being reawakened by the power of God.”

Boyce got a job at a preschool and would write at night. He was also an aspiring children’s entertainer. He has recorded and performed under the names Benjamin, Benzo, Benjamin Arthur, and Benjamin Ampersand.

In 2010 Boyce released the album Scariously, which includes songs like “(I Have Had An) Accident,” about a young boy soiling himself and having to change clothes.

In 2011, he released the album Wildling under the name Benjamin Arthur. In 2012, Boyce released the EP Combustible Sundress. In 2013, he self-published the book Iconogasms under the banner of Critically Othersuch Press.

Boyce attended Evergreen State College from 2013 to 2017 and witnessed a major conflict involving the school’s progressive faction that led to the resignations of professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, members of the so-called intellectual dark web. Boyce began commenting about conservative politics following those experiences.

Boyce was an elementary school bus driver for the Griffin School District in Washington State from 2017 to 2020. During that time he founded Othersuch Constructs LLC, which lasted from 2017 to 2018.

YouTube channel

In 2018, Boyce began a series of interviews with gender critical figures. The show is alternately called “Calmversations” or “The Boyce of Reason.” Despite the show’s relaxed tone, his guests are often strident critics of progressive aspects of the trans rights movement.

The guest list below is still being organized and updated.

The ex-trans movement

Conservative sex and gender minorities / transmedicalists

  • Erica Anderson
  • Buck Angel 
  • Ben Appel
  • Asha Britt (aka Kinesis/Kinysis/Alex/GC_Ladyboi/Sulaco_Queen/”A Gender Critical Trans Individual”/”Last LadyBoi StarFighter”)
  • Donovan Cleckley
  • Corinna Cohn
  • Maritza Cummings
  • Amazon Eve
  • Kalvin Garrah
  • Claire Graham (identifies as intersex)
  • Debbie Hayton
  • Katie Herzog (cultural critic)
  • Phil Illy
  • Isaac/CryptoCluniac
  • Ashlee Kelly/Rose of Dawn
  • Zander Kieg
  • Aaron Kimberly
  • Sean Lindsey
  • Robynne M.
  • Rhys McKavanagh
  • Scott Newgent
  • Nick Schappaugh / Naxela2
  • Taftaj
  • Aaron Terrell
  • Blaire White
  • Miranda Yardley
  • Belissa Cohen (LGB separatist)
  • Carrie Hathorn (LGB separatist)

Gender critical feminists and activists

Parental rights

  • “ROGD Mom”

Artists and entertainers

Gender critical people in other areas of public life


  • Sinead & Helena
  • Skylar & Joy
  • Daniel Stange
  • Mars
  • Alex Kaschuta
  • Emily
  • “A Woman”
  • Ash and Raphael

Sex-segregated sports

  • Linda Blade (coach)
  • Beth Stelzer (powerlifter)

Masculinity/men’s rights, etc.

  • Greg Ellis (activist)
  • Logan McCree (Philip Tanzer)
  • Bo Winegard (psychologist/men’s rights)
  • Jonathan Pageau (religious activist)
  • Jack Murphy (activist)

Media appearances

Selected podcast appearances

  • The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters (2021)
  • TRIGGERnometry (2021)
  • Chatting with Candice (2020)

Interview (2022)

Gender: A Wider Lens with Sasha Ayad and Stella O’Malley (November 11, 2021)

Interview (2021)


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