Transsexuals Protest

by Jon Marcus in Boston

The Times Higher Education Supplement, p. 13

August 1, 2003

A controversial book that ties transsexualism to homosexuality has drawn complaints from transsexuals who claim they were used as subjects by the author without their permission, writes Jon Marcus in Boston.

Two transsexuals say the author, a psychology professor at Northwestern University, Illinois, spoke to them at bars and at a wedding, and used their stories in his book. In a complaint filed with Northwestern, they say J. Michael Bailey failed to obtain their consent.

"We didn't even know we were guinea pigs," Anjelica Kieltyka, told the Daily Northwestern student newspaper. The other transsexual who complained wished to remain anonymous.

Dr Bailey said he did not consider the two transsexual women to be research subjects as defined by university regulations.
Ms Kieltyka said that Dr Bailey agreed to write letters they required to be eligible for sex-change surgery. The pair brought other transsexuals to Dr Bailey, and he wrote similar letters for them.

Lynn Conway, a University of Michigan professor, who is a transsexual, criticised Dr Bailey's research. Three other transsexual professors have protested to National Academies Press, which published Dr Bailey's book, The Man Who Would Be Queen.

Although he has declined to comment on Ms Kieltyka's accusations, Dr Bailey has called attacks on him "outrageous and false".

Northwestern officials say they are investigating the complaints.