Biology is destiny: new book drawing fire

From the Summer 2003 GenderPAC newsletter:

A new book, "The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism" by author J. Michael Bailey is raising a storm of protests from gender rights advocates, and drawing praise from conservative commentators. Publisher's Weekly noted, "Bailey tends towards overreaching, unsupported generalizations."

"Most gay men are feminine," Bailey writes, and "regardless of marital laws there will always be fewer gay men who are romantically attached." Transsexuals, according to their author, are either really gay or simply sick with a fetish disorder.

Some advocates have accused the book of being a return to 1950's gender cliches wrapped up as science.

"This book is a serious assault on freedom of gender expression. By perpetuating narrow gender stereotypes, it hurts not only gay and transgender Americans, but all of us who transcend gender norms, including children and youth," said Prof. Deirdre McCloskey, an internationally known author and professor of economics, history, and English, and also a member of GenderPAC's National Advisory Board.

Bailey, who says he knew his book "would be controversial," is Associate Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University.