This page has selective commentary from the trans community on J. Michael Bailey's book on gender variance.

J. Michael Bailey is Chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University. In March 2003, he published a book called The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism. Many see this book as the most defamatory book written about gender variance since Janice Raymond wrote The Transsexual Empire in 1979.

(05-02-2003) LINK: Critique of The Man Who Would Be Queen (by Jed Bland)

(03-14-2004) The Man Who Would Be Queen: A response (by Caillean McMahon, D.O.)

(05-27-2003) LINK: Comments (by Ben Barres, M.D., Ph.D. Stanford University)

(08-18-2003) LINK: The Aforementioned Ugly (by S. Bear Bergman)

(06-27-2003) LINK: Essay from a young transitioner (by Nell)

(08-17-2003) Letter from Europe (by Karla)

(05-04-2003) LINK: Bailey's "poster child for autogynephilia" in her own words (by "Cher" aka Anjelica Kieltyka)

(06-06-2003) Slavery through essentialism (by Tati do Ceu)

(06-09-2003) A Youth TS Perspective (by Bonnie Jackson)

(06-09-2003) Why Bailey's book is offensive (by Kelly Novak, M.S.)

(06-11-2003) Direct effect: how Bailey personally made my life harder (by women he's hurt)

(06-12-2003) LINK: The Man Who Wouldn’t Leave Us Alone (by Ryka)

(05-02-2003) Northwestern U. Psychologist J. M. Bailey Debases Social Science In Quest For Celebrity (by Sonia John)

(04-27-2003) LINK: The National Academy meets the National Enquirer (by Rebecca Allison, M.D.)

(06-17-2003) Bailey on institutional reading lists (by Andrea James)

(06-16-2003) My correspondence with Northwestern Student Affairs (by Andrea James)

(06-23-2003) LINK: Open letter to Northwestern Administration (by Lynn Conway)

(06-18-2003) LINK: Transphobia for Dummies (by Lynn Conway)

(06-19-2003) Bailey's sexism and analogies of race (by Andrea James)

(06-20-2003) Mike Bailey and "homosexual transsexuals" (by Andrea James)

(06-21-2003) A note regarding Bailey's children (by Andrea James)

(06-18-2003) LINK: Transphobia for Dummies (by Lynn Conway)

(06-26-2003) The Man Who Would Be A Scientist (by Gwyneth Rhian Morgan)

(06-25-2003) LINK: Bailey ignores community criticism (by Lynn Conway)

(06-25-2003) LINK: Review (by Lisa Lees)

(06-21-2003) LINK: The Bailey Controversy, Trans Activism, and Prudery (by Harper Jean)

(05-15-2003) I'm Me, Therefore I Am [PDF file- requires reader] (by Christine Burns)

(05-15-2003) Not Quite So Incredibly Brave [PDF file- requires reader] (by Christine Burns)

(05-24-2003) When Sally Met Harry [PDF file- requires reader] (by Christine Burns)

(04-14-2003) My first response to Bailey's book (by Andrea James)

(04-15-2003) Original introductory materials (by Andrea James)

(04-24-2003) My spin on Bailey (by Helen)

(04-23-2003) Because I Am: A letter to J. Michael Bailey (by Annette)

(05-01-2003) Book review of The Man Who Would Be Queen (by Christine Johnson)

(05-06-2003) "Political correctness" (by Richard Green, M.D., J.D. and comment by Christine Burns)

(05-14-2003) Correspondence on Bailey's book and Northwestern's legal liability (by Australian WOMAN Network)

(05-14-2003) Letter to Bailey (by Australian WOMAN Network)

(07-17-2003) Brochure given to attendees at International Academy of Sex Research (ed. by Andrea James)

(06-20-2003) LINK: Press release (by National Transgender Advocacy Coalition)

(03-09-2004) LINK: Investigative report (by Professor Lynn Conway)

(08-06-2003) John Money vs. J. Michael Bailey (intro by Andrea James)

(04-19-2003) Divided we fall: the dangers of categorizing transsexual women (by Evelyn, intro by Andrea James)

(05-17-2003) LINK: Excerpts from other community responses (by Rebecca Allison, M.D.)

(07-17-2003) LINK: Identity rape: psych exposed women without their consent (via PsychWatch)

(08-07-2003) Biology is destiny: new book drawing fire (via GenderPAC)

(09-13-2003) HBIGDA President blasts Bailey book (courtesy Eli Coleman)

(09-30-2003) LINK: Book review (via Logged Off)

(08-17-2003) Gordon Walker review (via GLIP Newsletter)

(11-09-2003) Bailey potpourri (via contributors)

(06-30-2003) LINK: Book review (via

(07-01-2003) LINK: Book review (by Christine Beatty)

(05-14-2003) Overview of Bailey's methodology and bias (by Andrea James)

(05-14-2003) LINK: It's a guy thing (by Julie Marie) is a site with some controversial opinions from authors who identify as "homosexual transsexual." This site suggests that any young person dealing with these feelings who is not exclusively attracted to males is not a "transkid." The fact that they strongly endorse the views of J. Michael Bailey is also a cause for concern.

Commentaries on this collection of materials

(05-14-2003) Anne Lawrence's responses to critics

(05-28-2003) LINK: Book Launches Controversy Among Transsexual Women (by Debra Hyde)

(05-18-2003) LINK: ...and the Cat Fight Gets Even Nastier (by Jamie Faye Fenton)

(06-16-2003) Kathleen Becker on "autogynephilia"

(05-18-2003) Kendra Blewitt on "autogynephilia"

(05-06-2003) Willow Arune on "autogynephilia" and exchange with Dana Beyer, M.D.

(01-19-2004) Jamie Faye Fenton on "autogynephilia"

(05-15-2003) Selected letters and excerpts from readers