Vaginoplasty links and websites

Below are selected links and websites concerning vaginoplasty procedures.

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Note: many links below contain graphic images.

Historical overviews focusing on vaginoplasty

LINK: A Brief History of Transsexuality by Madeline (undated)

LINK: History of the procedure by Lynn Conway (2003) (note: graphic images)

LINK: Transsexualism: The current medical viewpoint by PFC: Parliamentary Forum on Transsexualism 1996

Types of vaginoplasty techniques

LINK: Gender Reassignment Surgery by Over The Rainbow, Australia [via]

LINK: Female genital anatomy (2003)

LINK: Potential vaginoplasty complications (2003)

LINK: Skin Graft vs. Colon Transfer [archive] by Elaine Rose (2002)

LINK: Laparoscopic rectosigmoid colpopoiesis: does it benefit our transsexual patients? by SM Maas et. al. (1999)

LINK: Colon graft vaginoplasty by Over The Rainbow, Australia [via]

• LINK: Sigmoid Vaginoplasty: An AEGIS Medical Advisory Bulletin (1995)

LINK: The Downside of SRS by Elaine Rose (2002) via

Prioritizing and preparing for vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is only a small part of a complete transition if your goal is social acceptance as a woman. In the past there was a tendency to exaggerate its importance, while neglecting other physical and social aspects of transition.

LINK: Customizing a transition timetable (2003)

LINK: Reproductive options for trans women (2003)

LINK: Orchiectomy prior to or instead of vaginoplasty (2003)

LINK: Genital electrolysis prior to vaginoplasty (2003)

LINK::Genital electrolysis with injected anesthetic by Kim (2003)

LINK: My personal opinions (2003)

LINK: My vaginoplasty timetable (1998)

LINK: Vaginoplasty after a short "real-life experience" (1998)

LINK: Insurance-Funded Genital Reassignment Surgery by Gianna E. Israel (2001)

LINK::Vaginoplasty: reader tips (2001)

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