GrS Montréal

GrS Montréal is a world-renowned surgery clinic for transgender and gender diverse people. They are based in Canada and have patients from around the world.

The clinic was founded by Yvon Ménard and expanded under Dr. Pierre Brassard. They partner with a private hospital, Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie (Metropolitan Center of Surgery).


  • Pierre Brassard
  • Maud Bélanger 
  • Alex Laungani
  • Valerie Julie Brousseau
  • Chen Lee


GRS Montréal (

Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie (

Historic info

General pages:

LINK: Indigo Pages on Pierre Brassard

LINK: General information letter by Drs. Menard and Brassard

LINK: Vaginoplasty Results: Pierre Brassard by Anne Lawrence

Related pages:

LINK: Directions for storing and preparing and using Dilators by Sylvia Menard

Consumer experiences (most recent first)

Their consumer site has nothing but positive consumer experiences (as one might expect), including a PDF called “An Idiot’s Guide to Surgery in Montreal” by Joanne M. (undated), listed as “Account 4” under “8 contact persons and links.” I’d share the link, but whoever “designed” their site made it impossible to link to anything directly.

LINK: My Montreal “Experience” by “knitgal” (2001)

LINK: Sex Reassignment Surgery in Montreal with Dr. Brassard by Tara Taylor (2001) includes tips and photos

LINK: My Experience in Montreal by Darlene Mayers (1998)

LINK: My Gender Reassignment in Montreal by Linda Anne Simpson (1997)