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Salmacian resources

Salmacians desire a nonconforming genital configuration, usually achieved through surgery or other body altering procedures. Some people in this community use the term aphrodisians, and some describe the results as bigenital.

Examples of procedures they seek include phallus-preserving vaginoplasty and vagina-preserving phalloplasty.


The term salmacian is a reference to Salmacis, a nymph in Greek mythology. In the most famous version by the poet Ovid, Salmacis spent her days near a pool in the forest. One day, the god Hermaphroditus appeared, and she was infatuated with him. Hermaphroditus rejected Salmacis’ advances, and she said she would leave. Instead, she hid near the pool and watched Hermaphroditus disrobe and bathe. She was overcome with desire and leapt into the pool, clinging to him as he tried to break free. She yelled out to the gods, “Grant this, you gods, that no day comes to part me from him, or him from me.” The gods intertwined the two into one form. Seeing what had happened, Hermaphroditus called out to his parents Hermes and Aphrodite: “Father and mother, grant this gift to your son, who bears both your names: whoever comes to these fountains as a man, let him leave them half a man, and weaken suddenly at the touch of these waters!” 


note: links may contain images of surgery and genitals

reddit (

Following the decline of Tumblr, the salmacian community ascended on reddit. The salmacian subreddit is interesting because it is a heterogeneous community that pulls from a number of related interests and identities that roughly cluster as follows:


Trans gamer/edgelord culture

Transfeminine medical


Transmasculine medical

Diverse sex development


Ex-trans” edgelord community

Pro-trans edgelord community

salmacian community on reddit

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Marin Health (

Historic/dormant resources

Phallo Diary (


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