Historic gender surgeons

These surgeons offered transgender surgery but have since stopped. Kept for historical interest.



  • CF Chen (Taiwan – retired)
  • Annette Cholon (born 1966, retired 2006)
  • Choomchoke Janwimaluang (died 2015)
  • Patrick Wensley Clarkson (20 February 1911 – 28 December 1969)
  • Marvin Corman (born 1939)
  • Bruce Langdon Cunningham (med.umn.edu) (born February 1, 1949) retired


  • James Dalrymple (1931–2014)
  • Arlen D. Denny (born May 1, 1947, retired)
  • Charles Devine EVa Med School Norfolk – phalloplasty
  • Thomas M. Dewire Sr. retired 2016
  • Ira Martin Dushoff (5/15/1931 – 7/30/2013)







  • Viktor Kalnberz
  • James Woodfin “Woody” Kennedy (refinedlooks.com) (1960–2019)
  • John Gale Kenney (born 1950, retired)
  • Murray Kimmel (1930–2013)
  • Sheila Kirk – formerly with Transgender Surgical and Medical Center


  • Donald R. Laub, Sr. (born 1935, retired)
  • Donald Laub, Jr.
  • James A. Lehman, Jr. (retired 2016)
  • Ludwig Levy-Lenz (December 1, 1892 – October 30, 1966)
  • Hans Wolfgang Losken born 02/07/1940
  • Charles Leroy Lowman, M. D. (1879–April 17, 1977)


  • Ernest K. Manders – formerly with Transgender Surgical and Medical Center
  • D. Verne McConnell died July 22, 1996
  • Yvon Ménard – retired
  • Bahram Mir-djalali
  • Mona Motz (1941–2015)
  • Richard Mühsam (1872–1938)
  • Ian R. Munro (retired 1996)



  • Prakob Thongphiew (retired)





  • Karen B. Vaniver (1961–2018)


  • Peter Walker (retired 2014)
  • Stephen W. Weiland (retired) weilandgroup.com
  • David R. Wesser (1933–2008)
  • Grant Williams (retired) [Charing Cross]
  • Charles Wolf (died ~1965) some Swiss sources say 1964


  • Peter Alfred Zedler (born 1954) retired

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Historical overviews focusing on vaginoplasty

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Types of vaginoplasty techniques

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Prioritizing and preparing for vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is only a small part of a complete transition if your goal is social acceptance as a woman. In the past there was a tendency to exaggerate its importance, while neglecting other physical and social aspects of transition.

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Vaginoplasty surgeon lists and overviews

Note: No endorsements implied. Views expressed represent those of contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of this site.

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Follow-up procedures

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Gynecologist visits and annual exams

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• LINK: Preventing yeast infections by Marjorie Greenfield (2001)

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