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Gender Exploratory Therapy Association vs. transgender people

Gender Exploratory Therapy Association (GETA) is a fringe organization opposed to affirmative care for gender diverse youth. The 40 members worldwide practice and promote non-affirming models of care.

The 67,000-member American Academy of Pediatrics describes gender exploratory therapy as “delayed transition.” Others have likened it to conversion therapy and gender identity change efforts that are illegal in many places.

The 40-member GETA site markets to unaccepting parents who want to challenge their child’s wish to transition. It is led by key extremists in the anti-transgender movement.

Do not go to anyone on this list for any kind of therapy. If you are a trans or gender diverse minor forced to see someone on this list, do everything you can to end the sessions and find a supportive affirming therapist instead.



Advisory board




  • Judith Heppner (Manitoba, Canada)
  • Aaron Kimberly (Manitoba, Canada)
  • Michelle Mackness (Canada / UK)
  • Tania A. Marshall (NSW, Australia)
  • David Minor (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Heather A Mullin (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Natasha Sandy (Ontario, Canada)
  • Lisa Sheinin (Ontario, Canada)
  • Christine Thygesen



  • Mary Roche Bickley (County Cork, Ireland)
  • Louise Clara (County Leitrim, Ireland) [reportedly died 2023]


  • Natalia Volanberg (Jalisco, MX)

South Africa

United Kingdom

  • Jennie Cummings-Knight
  • Lynne Glover Evans (Surrey, UK)
  • Libby Nugent (Wrexham, UK)
  • Artemis Papert (UK)
  • Harriette Parnes (London, UK)
  • Terry Patterson (London, UK)
  • Jane Power (UK)

United States

  • Bret Alderman (California, USA)
  • Claire Blaze (Minnesota, USA)
  • Joseph Burgo (California, USA)
  • Linda A. Calder (Michigan, USA)
  • Rebecca M. Carroll (Idaho, USA)
  • Tammy Carvalho (Florida, USA)
  • Andrew Clark (Massachussetts, USA)
  • Patricia M. Constantinian (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Joy Davy (Illinois, USA)
  • Catrina Drinning-Davis (Texas, USA)
  • Niquie Dworkin (Illinois, USA)
  • Cindy Eades (Alabama, USA)
  • Sarah Edmonds (Arizona, USA)
  • Leslie Elliott (Washington, USA)
  • Kimberly Emery (Wyoming, USA)
  • Kristen Farrell-Turner (Florida, USA)
  • Leah G. Franczoz (New York, USA)
  • Paul Garcia-Ryan (New York, USA)
  • Pamela Garfield-Jaeger (California, USA)
  • Wheston Chancellor Grove (Virginia, USA)
  • Hansa Gutierrez (Oregon, USA)
  • Jan Horner (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • David M. Haralson (Utah, USA)
  • Brian Hooper (Tennessee, USA)
  • Sheri Johnson (Minnesota, USA)
  • Amanda “Mandi” Kulbacki (New Hampshire, USA)
  • Meredith Kunz / StoicMom (California, USA)
  • Jerry T. Lawler (Maryland, USA)
  • Nonie Levi (California, USA)
  • Michael Lyons (Colorado, USA)
  • Michele McColligan (Georgia, USA)
  • Heather A. Mullin (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Susan Nelson (Minnesota, USA)
  • Dwight Panozzo (New Jersey, USA)
  • Michelle Peixinho (New Mexico, USA)
  • Julie Reimann (Washington USA)
  • Fritha Robinson (Texas, USA)
  • Stefanie Schumacher (Texas, USA)
  • Tracy Shacter (New York, USA)
  • Tom Sherry (North Carolina, USA)
  • Richard Sternberg (New York, USA)
  • Joanie Trussel (Colorado, USA)
  • Erica Weinstein (Maryland USA)
  • Stephanie Winn (Oregon, USA)
  • Sose Yapudzhian (California, USA)


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