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Therapy First vs. transgender people

Therapy First is a directory of therapists who oppose informed consent for trans healthcare. They believe they should be paid to determine if trans and gender diverse people should be allowed to undertake medical transition steps.

Therapy First was created in 2023 as part of a web farm controlled by anti-trans extremist Stella O’Malley of Genspect. Therapy First members include many prominent activists in the global anti-transgender movement.

Trans and gender diverse people should not go to any therapist listed on this site. If you are a minor forced to see someone on this list, try to end the sessions and find supportive alternatives.



Listed therapists

  • Mary Roche Bickley
  • Claire Blaze
  • Petra Bueskens
  • Joseph Burgo
  • Linda A. Calder
  • Rebecca M. Carroll / Reset Life Counseling
  • Tammy Carvalho
  • Andrew Clark
  • Patricia Constantinian
  • Jennie Cummings-Knight / Golden Leaf Counselling Services
  • Karissa Curtis
  • Cindy Eades
  • Leslie Elliott
  • Kimberly Emery
  • Lynne Evans
  • Kristen Farrell-Turner
  • Rachel Hannam
  • David M. Haralson
  • Judith Heppner
  • Kelly Hess
  • Kathryn Hilton
  • Brian Hooper
  • Jan Horner
  • Melissa Nelson
  • Susan Nelson
  • Libby Nugent
  • Dwight Panozzo
  • Artemis Papert
  • Terry Patterson
  • Michelle Peixinho
  • Tamara Pietzke
  • Jane Power
  • F.R. Robinson
  • Jenny Rogers / Real Talk with Jenny
  • Stefanie Schumacher
  • Tracy Shacter
  • Lisa Sheinin
  • Tom Sherry
  • Richard Sternberg
  • Katrina Taylor
  • Christine Thygesen
  • Joanie Trussel
  • Natalia Volanberg
  • Sose Yapudzhian


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